Improvies is a project I started one year ago. It actually was a website itself, but I decided now to unite this two.


Maybe you are wondering what ‘improvies’ mean, but it is as simple as it sounds. The first part of the name ‘impr-‘ represents the word “impressive”, and the last ‘-ovies’ stands for “movies”. So it is titled “impressive movies”, short “improvies”.



This part is about the films which have made something in myself, in my heart as I’ve watched them. The movies that impressed me.

It is not about the latest films, some films I will write about are a little older. All movies which are mentioned here, are movies I like and I would watch again, they are all good in my mind, some more and some less.

I will post articles about the movies I like. That will be articles about my opinion of the films and about that what they did to me. In addition to that there are posts including the soundtracks and quotes of the movie.


Love to movies:

I do this because I really love watching movies and thinking about them. In my opinion watching movies can be a passion and I don’t do that just to pass my time. I do that because I really love movies, I love watching a new story and watching great acting. Sometimes I think about a film for days or weeks because it has touched my heart so much. If I watched a film it is on my mind, I think about the story, what I would feel and do, about the acting, do they tap the full potential, about the things I can learn, what things in my mind I can change and I think about what it does to my heart.


Enjoy this part of the website (and hopefully the other stuff too :D)!

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