About me:

I’m Milena, I’m 20 years old and I love to do art. I’m a student of theater studies and american studies.

But my life is dedicated to writing. All my passion lies in writing screenplays and trying to get them out there. In 2016 I finshed the drama feature ‘Lean on me’, right now I’m working on a second drama feature ‘She’s my daughter’ and a short named ‘Eulala’. All of them contain a part of me. Writing allows me to discover myself and get to know things about my personality I wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to accept.

Screenwriting heals me!

There’s another part of me that needs to be satisfied, it’s the desire to paint. I love to feel the colors and my skin. It is something I do when I need to enjoy.

Screenwriting and Painting are a kind of self-expression.

I really love the arts, any kind. It is important to just free yourself!


I love people. Everyone. And I want the world to love each other, we are all human beings with just one chance on this earth. We are in this together! We are one kind and we need to understand that.

Each of us is a human being, we all have one characteristic in common: We are human!

I wanna take you with me on the journey to my dream. I want to help people who are in the same situation like I am, talk about experiences and just show the way that lies in front of me.

Milena herz



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