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The Artist

Brushes. Paint.
Wet and Dark.
I’m should fear it but I don’t.

Somehow it feels cozy.
There’s no fear in it.
Just me.
And the breathings of my heart.

Another world,
but I am not alone.
There are the paintings
and me.

A place I feel comfort in.
A place that doesn’t let me down.
A place I call



She’s so beautiful
Her laugh, priceless
Every inch of her body

Her lips,
Like little pillows
Her eyes,
The thing I love the most

She showed me a place
I’ve never been before
A place that’s now bright
And was dark and hidden before

She formed my future
If she wants or not
Showed me the way
I would’ve never gone without

She’s extraordinary,
She’s pretty,
She’s artistic,
She’s a girl,

She’s perfect.

For me.

written by Milena Hoffmann

My Girl

I never expected what happened the last months
You changed my life completely
Although you don’t know about my existence
but I know about yours

I never expected to fall in love like this
It is different
Sometimes I consider if I just pretend
But then I catch me feeling about you

I never expected that a person can change my life so rapidly
Without even being here
But change it for good
You formed in so much different ways

I never expected my life to change in every corner
But it happened
You made what I never thought could anyone do
Nothing is like before

You don’t know your impact in this world
In my world
You brought me closer to myself

You did so much in my life
In Me
Without even knowing

I want you to be happy


by Milena Hoffmann