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‘My Girl’ a short film


I’m happy to announce that my first short film ‘My Girl’ will be released in the course of  this year. It will be an independent film produced by myself. I will make my debut as director in this project.
We are now in pre-production, the script is written, there are just a few things to change, preparations are running. We will shoot in the course of the summer, the real film will be published around the end of 2017, in fall or winter. It will be available on youtube on  my channel a video will be coming up in the next weeks with further information especially about the content of the film.
The script is written by myself, I will direct the piece, and as it seems I will be part of the cast too. It is a really great opportunity to gain experiences in the industry.

At this time, I am searching for the perfect camera, fortunately I have a father who is very passionate about photography and knows several things about cameras. My decision will propably fall between the Canon EOS 700D or the Panasonic Lumix G6.
To have the best knowledge possible in my situation, I am attending an online course for directing by Adrian Mead, I love it. It’s so interesting and I learn so much things, it’s incredible. I can totally recommend it!
As I already wrote some screenplays, the script work is nothing new to me, and I know how things work. Honestly, the second script is already written, that means

there will be a part two coming up!

Thankfully, the story deals with a divisive topic, that is still difficult although it exists for long time. I hope it will give a better perspective and understanding on the subject for people who aren’t affected and aren’t able to get it without help.

I’m very proud of this project or this film, because it arose in and out of a very important time of my life, it mirrors experiences and feelings I had at that time and still have. It is dedicated to a very special person, who is very important for me and brought me to a place where I discovered a big part of myself, I wasn’t aware of before. Without that person this film wouldn’t exist. Sadly, this person doesn’t even know what influence she/he had, and how beautiful she/he is.

I’m proud to make this film all by myself. It will be or already is an incredible exciting journey, I don’t know where exactly it leads, but I know it’s for good. I’m happy to be part of such an adventure.

Let’s see where we land!

Be beautiful.

         Milena herz