Back from Journey

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week and can enjoy the weekend now! I came back from Amsterdam on Wednesday night and finally got to write this post. It was a short but adventurous journey.


As I mentioned in the article about this topic before we decided to sleep in a hostel together with people we don’t know in one room. It was weird. As we arrived in the hostel and checked-in we went to our room to take our luggage away. Nervousness raised in my body: Are there people in the room? Who are they? Are they male or female? – A lot of questiones arose in my head but surprisingly the room was empty, no one in there just a few clothes. So we noticed that there is another person who sleeps in this room. That immediately shows a problem: Which bed can we take? After trying to investigate which bed is used we just decided to take the conjugal bed. Everything went fine and we enjoyed some time chillin’ in bed till a couple came that was supposed to sleep in that room too. The person no one of us knew slept in one bed of a loft bed, so the couple had to divide (it was a five bed room). They were very unhappy and at the end of the day they slept in one bed together.That situation was a little strange, so I thought I’d tell you.

Concerning this topic, it is okay to sleep in a room with strangers but you will get to know several types of people, some will be very lovely and carefree, others are a little complicated. If you wanna have vacations with no regard to others then you should take a room just for you, but to meet knew people and not pay much you should choose this.


We spent our days walking through Amsterdam and discovering beautiful sides. Amsterdam is a wonderful city, I could imagine to live there one day, just for a year or two, it is really pretty. In the dark there are so many lights with colors, it’s fascinating. The buildings are big and cute or impressive depending in which part you are. We visited the Vondelpark, really nice. We just sat there and relaxed in the sun. The canal quarter is interesting too, so much water, you can make good pictures there.

From the sightseeing side Amsterdam is a city to experience! Beautiful and a lot to see.

Of course we did not visited the city to just watch its buildings and landscape but I will come to that in another article soon. So keep watching there will come more about this trip;)



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You haven’t seen the previous article about this subject? Here is a link to that post.



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