The Power of Art

Before I start this blog post I want to mention my understanding of art. For me art includes everything that can only be done while being creative, everything someone expresses himself with, everything you show the aesthetic of something, there are many kinds of art. It contains painting, drawing, crafting, writing, acting, dancing, singing and much more. But that is just my understanding!


Art can be very meaningful, also if it not seems like it does. It has the power of healing. A kind of therapy, at least for me. It soothes.

Art is quite time, just you and yourself, maybe there are people around you, but you are concerned with you. I discovered that it brings me closer to myself, because I experience so much about me, my thoughts, my feelings, my body. During that time I pay attention to myself, what it needs, how it suffers, how it feels in general. You can hear that I consider it mostly in times I am in conflict with something, it’s just for this article, cause how you can read in the title: The POWER of Art, the power evolves during the bad times.

It allows you to listen to yourself, in bad times it is what you need the most, some one listen to you. But the only person who can fully reconstruct what you are going through is yourself, if you listen you have the best understander you can have. The juicy thing about this is that these happenings make you feel better. After that time, the struggle seems smaller, or at least better solveable and is more understood.  The process of art brings you from desperation and sadness to a better understanding of things, hopefully more happiness.

It has the power to heal!

But it has the power to make it worse either if you think too much. There’s a balance between both of it needed, to find that balance can be difficult, because how do you know if you overwork your thoughts? A question I cannot answer, the only thing I can say is: Listen to yourself! You know what happens with yourself and what is right.

Art can cure you or destroy you. It depends how you work with it.

For me it’s healing, I feel better every time I perform it, it makes it more better than worse.





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