Lean on me




An epic tale of unconditional love, the only thing that can save Kathie through the hardest time of her life when her whole family is dead and she has the choice between life and death, is Reyna, the only one keeping fighting for the right decision.



Kathie is a screenwriter and painter, but in first place she’s a mom and a wife. She has a wonderful marriage with a man that truly loves her, she is his goddess. After the first child, Jamie, Kathie and her husband Braden move to Santa Monica, California. For Kathie it is the best decision ever made, she has now total access to the film industry. During a movie project Kathie gets to know Reyna, a popular and beautiful actress. But at that time, Reyna is at the worst point of her life, always being the most appreciated actress because of kindness, beauty and humor, she is now grumpy and serious, left by her husband. The worst of it, even her kids suffer from her madness. Somehow as Kathie appears Reyna runs through a change, she grows to a strong woman who starts to see the beauty of life again. After giving birth to her second child, Wyatt, the family luck of Kathie and Braden seems perfect, but there comes a point when Reyna gets the opportunity to get her own back on: The worst day of Kathie’s life emerges. While Reyna is on set, she gets the news that Kathie and her family had a car accident, Kathie is okay, everyone else not. Immediately there is no question, she joins Kathie in that difficult time. She stays with her in the hospital, while one by one dies. Although they do not know for long time she takes Kathie home with her. Kathie runs through all stages of grief that challenge the people around her, but that is no reason for Reyna to stay away, she stays by her side. there is a time when Kathie is not on her mind, she transforms into a bad and evil person, scary. She begins searching for someone guilty. She works up plans of revenge. But there is another part of guilt she discovers by herself. Whereas she jostles all people, wanting to help her, away, Reyna keeps trying. She stays patient with her guest, or better, her friend, she gives Kathie the glorious gift of being a family member, not out of pity but out of love. Somehow Reyna gets to improve Kathie’s mind-wellbeing, she starts painting again. It seems fine but deep inside Kathie feels that painting and a “new” family cannot cover up the bruises of a heart, she felt unconditional love for her husband, her daughter and her son, but they are not existing anymore. She has no clue how to handle the situation, she sees no way out, no way to live the rest of her life in peace without them. The situation and feelings are overwhelming, no one there who understands her. As everything is too much she cracks up, she runs away. Reyna does not notice the disappearance for hours, as she does, she follows and starts searching. She keeps her promise of joining Kathie, the incident opens their eyes to professional help. The way to a better life. They figure things out and get a handle on the situation. After Kathie recovered in some degree, she begins to write again. She turns back to a woman, independent, strong and passionate, just possible because of Reyna’s dedication. She backs her in her hardest time, cared for her, and she were the only one Kathie let to. Both feel a sense of a special bond, they are soulmates. As Kathie gets better and seems to move out again, Reyna’s children develop plans to leave. They already noticed the connection of these two hearts and solve their problem of facing their mum sitting alone at home, Kathie must move in. They deepen this connection, no one is alone, not even living alone. The relationship of Reyna and Kathie gets deeper, all the sadness turned into happiness and fun. They saw each other in their hardest time of life but they are still there, by their side. They believe in each other when everyone else would disappear, they have a shoulder for each other if anything is bothering, they love each other, truly.



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